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You Do Not Need to be a Member of GNA to Help Out at Any of These Events, Everyone Is Welcome!

Information About our Fundraisers

Patrick’s Auction

How you can help: anyone can solicit items for the auction! We will be having one more organizational meeting at the Howe’s house prior to the auction. Call Martina for info. We have letters you can use to approach potential contributors and receipts to hand out… But we need YOU! Please contact us to find out how to help!! If everyone helps this will be easy!

Summer Fundraisers

Hill Climb

A day of cooking for thousands of “Bikies.”

Soul Fest

Swimming Pool fee collection – volunteers sat at the pool entrance and collected entrance fees. Gunstock deducted its expenses and the rest of the fees went to GNA. Two day job.

Timberman Triathlon

Water station in August ~ GNA Jesters serving water, Gatorade or Carboom to quiet “bikies” (we will try to get some photos of that on here… you won’t believe it is us!)

Gilford Old Home Day

GNA members running around with latex gloves on picking up everything left in the park. The Board of Directors would like to thank all members that were able to come out and help with these duties!

GNA did get paid $500 for the Old Home Day and we won the “Best Water Station” award for the Timberman again!! That brought in another $500! Thanks to the flags waving in the wind from the Clines and to Igor’s bell dancing!

If you have any donation/contributions to add to this list, please right away! Thanks!

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