Weekly Schedule

If you have any questions, contact Nina at 603.630.5487 (cell).
For current snow conditions, please visit Gunstock’s Nordic Conditions page.

Week of November 27 – December 3, 2023. 

Monday   Day OFF please have a HEADLAMP with you every afternoon practice
Tuesday 3pm Gunstock warmup, 2 sets jumps, ski bounding/skierg ( loop near clubhouse)
Wednesday 3pm RT 11D Skate r/s 1h45 with 2x20min nopoles
Thursday 3pm Gunstock Run 45min, core strength W4D1
Friday 3pm Gunstock Run with poles 1h15 some dryland + YOGA
Saturday 9am
RT 11D
TT r/s classic sprints ( about 4times x1.3k in 1h )
Core strength W4D2
Sunday 9am Steele Hill rd TT r/s skate race 11K

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Trouble Finding Us?

The new place for roller skiing is at Steele Hill Rd / Mountain View Church

Rollerskiing: Old Route 11/Route 11D in Alton
Uphill roller skiing: Alton Mountain Road in Alton

The complete race schedule can be viewed on the NENSA website