Gilford, NH – December 26, 2020 – Gunstock Nordic Association – GNA would like to recognize our 2019–2020 Junior Jumpers, Alex Beck, Sarah Beck, Braden Van Hirtum, and Riley Van Hirtum for their excellence in and commitment to the sport! During the 2019–20 season, all four athletes committed themselves to balance, strength, and dryland training (including the ski jump simulator), and all worked their way up to the 10-meter jump. By the end of the season, all four juniors were attending regional jumping competitions where each achieved individual success. Coach Lisa Kling congratulates this year’s athletes for their teamwork, effort, and accomplishments, “All four of them did a great job.” (photos below).

Due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020–21 program.

Our top priority is to run a safe and effective program for our athletes. Because many training techniques (especially the roller jump) require athletes and coaches to be in close proximity for safety and effectiveness, we have determined that conducting a comprehensive jumping program is simply not possible with the current COVID-19 situation. Coach Kling further recognizes that an online or virtual program would not be productive, engaging, or extensive enough for a sport as nuanced as ski jumping, “Working together in person with full equipment accelerates improvement and leads to sustained interest and motivation in our athletes. I did not warrant any style of online instruction viable for this program in the belief that it would not be fun, productive, or easy enough to grasp for new or novice athletes.”

Next year (COVID permitting), GNA plans to start dry-land training earlier in the fall. Coach Kling is committed to cultivating a strong jumping program for the region and she encourages athletes to keep an eye out for next year’s program, “Please stay in touch and reach out to learn to fly at GNA. Thanks so much and keep it safe.”

Alex Beck and Sarah Beck Alex Beck and Sarah Beck

Alex Beck and Sarah Beck Braden Van Hirtum

Alex Beck and Sarah Beck Riley Van Hirtum


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