UVM skiers Matias Ovrum and Anna Bizyukova take the overall titles at round 3 of NENSA’s Zak Cup race series.

Gilford, NH – January 5, 2020 – Gunstock Nordic Association – The third event of this year’s NENSA Zak Cup was held at Gunstock Nordic. After a mid-week warmup and some rain, GNA club members shoveled a 50+ meter path of snow to complete a tight but raceable 1.6 km criterium-style race course. The rest of the course relied on Gunstock Mountain Resort’s snowmaking which, after the mid-week warmup and overnight refreeze, became a boilerplate hard-and-fast surface. The small, fast and slick loop created some really exciting racing.

When it comes to fast, it’s tough to beat the region’s top college skiers and they did not disappoint! Most of the student athletes used the race as warmup for their upcoming collegiate race season. Warmup or not, they certainly displayed top form as skiers from UVM, Bowdoin, Castleton, Saint Michaels, and Cornell University took top places in both the men’s and women’s races.

In the men’s 9.36km, 6-lap race, UVM’s Matias Ovrum and Greg Burt took the top two spots, while Eliot Ketchel of division rival Bowdoin rounded out the podium in third.

 Men’s Podium: Elliot Ketchel (3rd), Matias Ovrum (1st), Greg Burt (2nd)

In the women’s 6.24km, 4-lap race, UVM again took the top two spots with Anna Bizyukova and Lizzie Larkins, while Gabrielle Vandendries of Bowdoin took third.

 Women’s Podium: Gabrielle Vandendries (3rd), Anna Bizyukova (1st), Summer Bentley (2nd)

In the BKL (ages 13 and under) 3.2km, 2-lap race Miley Bletzer of EMBK, Summer Bentley of Dublin XC, and Josephine Lynch-Shaddock of EMBK took the top 3 spots on the girls’ podium.

 BKL Girls’ Podium: Josephine Lynch-Shaddock (3rd), Miley Bletzer (1st), Lizzie Larkins (2nd)

In the boys’ BKL race, Gunstock Nordic used their home-track knowledge to sweep the podium with Tyler Watt, Henry Stow, and Karson Genakos.

 BKL Boys’ Podium: Karson Genakos (3rd), Tyler Watt (1st), Henry Stow (2nd)

Winners of the Men’s Master’s Zak Cup* categories were:
M2 – Jonathan Greer
M3 – Nick Trautz of Hebron Ski Club
M4 – David Currie of EMBK
M5 – Pat Giersch of Cambridge Sports Union
M6 – Ed Momm of Gunstock Nordic
M7 – Richard Powell of Ford Sayre
M8 – Charlie Gunn of Black Water Nordic Ski Club
M9 – Donavon Freeman

Accolades go out to GNA alumni Jack Schrupp who was the top non-college team skier (9th place) and Mitchell Townsend, GNA’s up-and-coming U18 skier took 16th place overall and was the forth non-college team skier. And kudos to the ageless Charlie Gunn who skied to an impressive 21st overall out of the 53 skier field.

Winners of the Women’s Master’s Zak Cup* categories were:
M1 – Anna Tarakanova of EMBK
M2 – Lindsey Masterson of Dublin XC
M4 – Holly Macy of Dublin XC
M5 – Kathy Maddock of Dublin XC
M6 – Amy Gunn of Black Water Nordic Ski Club

Accolades go out to Kathy Maddock who was the top non-college team skier (6th place) and Katie Watt, GNA’s up-and-coming U18 skier took 10th place overall and was the second non-college team skier.

GNA would like to thank all race participants! Results and race photos are now posted below.

Race Results (all categories) »
Race Photography by Sarah Townsend »

Additional thanks to Gunstock Mountain Resort for their exceptional snowmaking and grooming. And a huge thank you to Nina Gavrylyuk and her crew of GNA volunteers for making the race happen!

 Matias Ovrum pushing hard into the finish.

 Anna Bizyukova attacks out of the starting gate.

 Katie Watt skiing through on her second lap.

 Tyler Watt started fast and held onto the win in the BKL Boys’ race

 Mitchell Townsend skiing through on his second lap.

 GNA master skier Ed Momm took the top spot in the M6 category.

 Kathy Maddock approaching the finish.

 Charlie Gunn skiing hard into the finish.

All race photography © Sarah Townsend

*Only master-aged skiers (30+) who are current NENSA members are eligible to score points in the Zak Cup series. Complete Zak Cup standings can be viewed on the NENSA website »


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